Signature Treatment

The next level, The ultimate, The best.

Our ultimate paintwork correction and restoration package.
This service combines the preparation work of all our other services, after which the exterior panels are wet sanded.

The wet sanding process not only re-levels the surface lacquer, correcting scratches, swirls and defects, but also removes ‘orange peel’.

‘Orange peel’ is the textured, bumpy surface you see when looking at a reflection in gloss paintwork, and is common in most vehicle paint finishes to a greater or lesser degree. This can vastly effect the quality of reflection and finish, even on corrected paintwork.

We ‘flat’ the peaks of the ‘orange peel’ using various grades of sandpaper so the surface lacquer is level, then carry out our three to four-stage machine polishing system. This gives your vehicle’s paintwork flawless levels of gloss and reflection that many show cars simply cannot match.

Our wet sanding process is permanent, so once the treatment is carried out it will not need wet sanding again.

It is the ultimate in paintwork surface preparation and finish.

14-Stage luxury detail wash
All badges & panel gaps cleaned with appropriate detailing brushes and all-purpose cleaner
Post-wash cleansing stage
Iron remover used to remove all fallout embedded in paintwork
Tar removal stage to remove bonded tar spots on vehicle paintwork
Door shuts washed and cleansed
Vehicle thoroughly pressure rinsed
Wheels cleaned and decontaminated
All vehicle paintwork clayed to remove any remaining contaminants
Vehicle gently dried with plush, double-thickness microfibre towels
All painted surfaces wiped down with IPA (Isopropanol alcohol) panel wipe to remove any polish, wax, or sealant prior to inspection
Full paintwork inspection with natural daylight, sun gun, LED & metal halide light sources to ascertain the level of ‘orange peel’ and paintwork defects
All paintwork surfaces measured with paint depth gauges to ascertain the thickness of clear coat, before the wet sanding process begins
All stone chips touched in with factory colour-match paint, then spot sanded ready for the panel to be wet sanded
Panel surfaces treated to our four-stage wet sanding process
All paintwork surfaces measured with paint depth gauges throughout the wet sanding and machine correction stages
3 to 4 stage paintwork correction process taking over 36 hours, to gently remove the haze left behind from the wet sanding process leaving perfect, glossy, defect-free paintwork
Paintwork wiped down after correction process with panel wipe to remove any polish residues, prior to inspection
Paintwork inspection with sun gun, LED & metal halide light sources, post-correction
Door shuts and inner sills machine polished to remove defects, and sealed for added protection
Window rubbers dressed
All plastics dressed
All exterior glass cleaned with high-quality glass cleaner, inc. mirrors
Wiper blades cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner
Exhaust tips polished
Tyres dressed with a high-quality tyre gel (can be finished to matt or gloss depending on preference)
Final inspection to ensure the vehicle meets our high standards.

Est. Time from: 9 days (Approx.)

Price: £POA

*A £500 deposit is needed to secure the booking
*(This is refundable up to 3 days/72 hours before date and time of booking)

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June 23, 2016