Detail Wash

This is our luxury 14-stage ‘In depth’ wash system which takes over 1.5 hours to complete.

Using a high quality snowfoam and only the best shampoos combined with our two bucket wash method, the chance of your vehicle being lightly scratched or marred is greatly reduced.

This, combined with our gentle drying system, will leave your car looking spotless every time.

Lower half of the vehicle, wheel arches & wheels cleaned with ph-neutral orange pre-wash (if necessary)
Vehicle gently pressure cleaned to remove loose dirt and debris
All exterior surfaces inc. wheels snowfoamed to further loosen dirt and road grime (if necessary)
Vehicle further pressure cleaned to remove snowfoam and remaining loose dirt
Vehicle gently washed using a soft lambswool mitt and our two-bucket method
All exterior surfaces pressure rinsed to remove shampoo
Wheel backs cleaned with our ph-neutral non acidic wheel cleaner
Wheel faces cleaned with a soft lambswool wheel mitt inc. rear of spokes (if accessible)
Vehicle gently dried with plush double thickness microfibre towels
Wheels dried with hot air blower or soft microfibre wheel towels
Exterior glass cleaned with high quality glass cleaner, inc. mirrors
Wiper blades cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner
High quality polymer or wax-based detail spray used on all exterior painted surfaces to add a layer protection
Tyres dressed with a high quality tyre gel (Can be finished to matt or gloss depending on preference)

Est. time: 1.5 hours

Price from: £40.00 (Sml to med vehicle)

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